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Dynamite announces a brand new series in the Vampirella mythos, spearheaded by one of the most beloved franchise creators and a reunited team, and an epic that jumps headlong into the multiverse of malevolence. Vampirella: Dark Reflections debuts this June everywhere comics are sold!

The smash hit Vampiverse event introduced fans to the idea of overflowing, infinite possibilities of Vampirella. Different versions of the character in different realities, and subject to bleed into each other. In Dark Reflections, an unexpected protagonist steps to the forefront to figure out what has happened to one of these multiversal Vampirellas. Her own daughter Lilith goes through the looking glass, tasked with investigating an anomaly in the Fabric. Working for the Reality Corp., she learns that the Vampirella of this reality has gone eerily silent, broken and beaten by the spawn of Chaos in the battle of good and evil.

It's an unexpected team-up, as Vampirellas across generations and with vastly difference experiences try to set things right. Lilith must revive and restore this iteration of her own mother to the valiant warrior of Order that she once was and is meant to be. The title reflects this darker take on the franchise, as fans get to know a darker and troubled Vampirella who has lost everything. While the vision of Vampirella is also reflected in her own daughter Lilith, shaped by her own darkness.

Tom Sniegoski is the most prolific writer in Vampirella's history, surpassing 100 issues featuring his work. His history with the character goes back over 30 years as well, spanning multiple eras and takes on the character. He's back once more and teams up again with co-writer Jeannine Acheson as well as interior artist Daniel Maine for another blockbuster following their work together on Vampiverse and The Vamp. In recent memory Sniegoski also authored Vengeance of Vampirella, Vampirella Strikes, and Pantha, co-authored with Jeannine Acheson as well.

"It was really cool getting to develop the new character of Lilith, Vampirella's daughter, who we first met in the Vampiverse mini-series, into her own distinct person," said writers Tom Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson. "We hope to do more with this unique version of Vampirella in the future!"

In addition to this all-star squad reporting in, Dark Reflections features a who's who of top cover artists. Jenny Frison makes her heralded return to the character, and with an absolute show-stopper to lead off the series. Her run of covers for the beloved Nancy Collins run remain some of the most sought after Vampirella comics, and this one may top them all! She's joined by Lucio Parrillo, Jay Anacleto, Joseph Michael Linsner, and cosplay covers, with the first featuring the fan-favorite Joanie Brosas.

VAMPIRELLA: DARK REFLECTIONS #1 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ April 2024 Previews catalog and slated for release in June 2024. Comic book fans are encouraged to preorder copies of the book with their local comic book retailers. It will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more!

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Alongside Vampirella #668's release, this April will additionally bring two key graphic novels in the Vampirella universe from Dynamite, with collections of stories starring Draculina and Victory.

In many ways, these two books are two sides of the same coin. In the wake of the inimitable Christopher Priest taking stewardship of the franchise starting in 2019, both under his pen and beyond several supporting characters have been delved into more deeply, gotten their own spinoff series, or been introduced outright for the first time. During the Priest era, the Sacred Six assembled, Pantha returned to a solo series, and an archnemesis in Nyx (partly) turned a new leaf and got a title. But Priest's exploration of the idea of "Draculina" opened not one, but two exciting directions for fans!

Draculina debuted all the way back in Vampirella #2 as the Daughter of Drakulon's blonde sister with a bit more of a devilish antiheroine streak. Rarely but memorably featured throughout the 50-plus years of Vampirella lore, she always made a mark. Then Christopher Priest had an interesting idea. Victoria "Victory" Harris was introduced from day one in his run, and soon would take on her own unique take on the Draculina costume and mantle. Working with Vampi's mother Lilith as a pawn and with a ring from Belial granting her abilities, eventually Victory struck out on her own as well. Yet the original Draculina still exists and of course gets wrapped up in the latest family drama!

Victory comes into her own in her spotlight solo series written by Eisner Award-winning David F. Walker (Bitter Root, Naomi) and drawn by Brett Weldele (The Beauty). The story dives deep into her character in a way that the main Vampirella series cannot with its focus. Readers can learn more about her complicated childhood, what she's up to with her newfound powers, and meet all the demons on her trail after her enchanted ring.

Then the original Draculina stars in her second miniseries, Blood Simple by Priest and Michael Sta. Maria (Vengeance of Vampirella). This can't-miss storyline is one of the most expansive ever in the Vampi mythos, as an impromptu family reunion goes down. Lilith has returned, determined to reunite her estranged daughters. A big curveball is the presence of Levi, a murderous sea creature-like demon... who may be another sibling in this motley crew.

Both these books pack 120 pages or more of their complete series, with variant cover galleries and more!
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Dynamite is excited to announce a special Valentine's Day treat for fans! The hotly anticipated and historical Vampirella #666 will be releasing on February 14 exactly, with a special focus in the release schedule for fans to enjoy this big moment in the character's history.

Vampirella stands as one of the most beautiful and powerful female characters in comics for over five decades. Vampirella is love!

Vampirella has a long history of diverse and inclusive romance in her comics, and legendary writer Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Superman: Lost) has continued that legacy in his tenure and continuing into #666 and the stories it kicks off.

Her earliest stories in the Warren era pushed against the mainstream thanks to their black and white magazine format, which allowed artists like Jose Gonzalez to depict more sensuality in his stunning style. Through the years the Daughter of Drakulon is often seen paired with Adam Van Helsing. Though in her 2017 series by Paul Cornell, Jeremy Whitley, Jimmy Broxton, Andy Belanger, and others, Vampirella's pansexuality and relationship with Vicki are explored.

During Priest's run, starting with her 50th anniversary in 2019, Vampirella has become entangled with friends and lovers like Victory, Mother Mary, and later her marriage to Matthew Ecsed in Unholy. Dynamite invites fans to pick up #666 this Valentine's Day to see how the iconic heroine's experiences in love and passion continue in this new era, as she marches toward her 700th comic book!

Vampirella #666 kicks off the new "Beyond" story arc by Christopher Priest and acclaimed Turkish artist Ergün Gündüz. The unique anniversary issue boasts 40 pages, premium cardstock covers, and a rare bonus story presenting a gem of a silent short story by Priest and Alan Davis (Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur).